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Franklin: Articles+: Overview

About Franklin Articles?

Franklin Articles+, a component of Franklin, is a single search entry point into the Penn Libraries' large collection of ebooks, scholarly journals, newspaper articles, conference proceedings, and more.  From Articles+, you have access to content in many full-text and abstracting databases subscribed to by the Penn Libraries, as well as  Open Access Collections. The content in Articles+ is supplied directly by publishers and content providers and indexed at the item level.  Articles+ can be a great starting point for research or a means to expand research beyond a familiar core group of databases.

When to use Articles+

  • As a starting point to your research.
  • To survey what is available on a topic.
  • To search across multiple disciplines.
  • To see different types of resources on a topic.
  • To access e-resources that are easily available.

When not to use Articles+

  • When the controlled vocabulary of a subject database is key.
  • The advanced search features of specialized databases are preferred.
  • When seeking specialized materials such as historical newspapers,  industry reports, and other financial data, or legal

Getting to Franklin: Articles+

From the Penn Libraries homepage you can search the Penn Library Catalog & Articles+ together or select Articles+ separately.




When you search Catalog & Articles+ combined, your search results will be displayed in a split screen, with the Penn Library Catalog results on the left and the Articles+ results on the right.  For the Catalog & Articles+ search, the Catalog default search is a keyword search and the default Articles+ search is a Basic search.  In both cases, Boolean operators must be capitalized (AND OR NOT).  You can continue to do combined searches or click the View and Filter links to enter either the Catalog or Articles+ directly.



Select the Articles+ tab to search just Articles+.  You may choose a pre-limit to apply to your search.