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Audience Response: Poll Everywhere

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Why Use Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is an audience response technology based on web and cellular networks, which means that your students or audience can provide feedback regardless of the device they are holding. They can respond by SMS text message, from the web on their phones or laptops, or via Twitter. 

Poll Everywhere may also be incorporated into your PowerPoint and Keynote presentations with the PollEv Presenter Add-in. For installation, you may need to contact someone with administrative privileges.

Join the Poll Everywhere Pilot (Academic Years 2015-2017)

Information on the Poll Everywhere pilot for Academic Years 2015-2017.

You are not required to join the pilot to use the free version of Poll Everywhere. You can set up a poll using the free version at the following website:

However, there are two limitations with the free version:

1. There is a limit of 40 participants for a poll.

2. There is not a way to associate responses with users, so the free version is not suited for cases where you need to know who is responding (e.g., taking attendance).

The subscription version of Poll Everywhere, which Courseware Support at Penn Libraries is piloting until the end of Spring 2017, allows up to 10,000 responses per poll. Additionally, the subscription version has the option to create "participant" roles for students, which can be used for associating students with responses.

Please contact your Local Support Provider  (LSP) if you want to join the Poll Everywhere pilot.