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iPads in the Classroom: Lending Policies

iPads can enable classroom activities in new ways. Students can use iPads to take notes, share ideas, participate in polls, capture video and audio, and access course materials. We have 30 iPad Air 2 devices for faculty to reserve and explore.

Summer 2018 Update

*Our iPads are unavailable for the month of June 2018 to allow for software upgrades*

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To check out an iPad, you need a current Penn ID and a completed iPad Lending Agreement form. You can fill out the form in advance and bring it with you to the Fisher Fine Arts Library circulation desk.

Lending FAQs

Who can check out iPads?

All Penn students, faculty and staff are eligible to borrow the iPads.  The first step is completing the reservation form.  Guests and other affiliated borrowers without valid Penn IDs are not eligible.  

Where do I go to check out an iPad?

iPads will be available for check out from the circulation desk at Fisher Fine Arts Library. All devices are identical (64GB iPad2 Air) and have the same content pre-loaded onto them.

How long can I keep an iPad?

iPads can be borrowed for 7 days (1 week). iPads must be returned in person to the circulation desk from where they were checked out. Do not return them using the book drop boxes. The borrower is responsible for any loss or damage to device while in his/her possession.

How will I know if an iPad is available?

You can check Franklin to see which devices are available.

What are the fines and fees for overdue, lost or damaged iPads?

Fines will apply for overdue iPads ($25/day with no maximum). Items not returned in 10 days will be considered lost and a bill for replacement (of $600.00) plus standard processing fees ($50.00) will be issued.  You must check your account via Franklin to be reminded of the due date.  

Can I download any apps to the iPad?

Borrowers may download apps to the device using their own iTunes account. These apps however, will not be permanently retained on the device and will be removed when the device is returned. If you'd like a particular app to be purchased, please contact us with the recommendation.

What if I left any documents or information on the iPad?

The borrower is responsible for deleting any personal information that may have been added to the device while in his/her possession before the device is returned. All data and apps from the previous user will be deleted when the iPad is returned to the Library. The Library is not responsible for anything you load or leave on Library equipment.

iPad Reservations & Contact Info

Reserve an iPad for yourself, your class, or a group project.

Contact Patty Guardiola ( at the Fisher Fine Arts Library with specific questions about the iPad lending service.