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INSPEC and COMPENDEX Guide: Search Limits

INSPEC covers physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering, computers and computing, robotics, and information technology. COMPENDEX comprehensively covers the broad subject areas of engineering and applied science.

In This Section

Use these tips and strategies to help you search INSPEC & COMPENDEX.

Search Limits

The database allows you to limit your search in different ways by selecting the appropriate limits in the LIMIT BY boxes. You can limit by:

  • Document Type
    Document types are used to describe the type of source publications from which indexed papers are taken.
  • Treatment Type
    Treatment types indicate the slant of the article e.g. Review, practical theoretical etc.
  • Disciplines
    You can limit your search to one of the four main subject areas covered by INSPEC. The disciplines are Physics, Electrical/electronic engineering, Computers/control engineering or Information Technology.
  • Languages
    You can limit your search to one of the languages listed in the pull-down menu or select to search for all languages.
  • Date
    The Inspec database covers from 1896 to the present, and the Compendex database covers from 1884 to the present. You can enter specific year ranges in this option or choose to limit to Last four updates only. Selecting the latter option will limit your search to the four most recent weekly database updates.

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