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INSPEC and COMPENDEX Guide: Lookup Indexes

INSPEC covers physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering, computers and computing, robotics, and information technology. COMPENDEX comprehensively covers the broad subject areas of engineering and applied science.

In This Section

Use these tips and strategies to help you search INSPEC & COMPENDEX.

Lookup Indexes

The lookup indexes help you select appropriate terms for your search. INSPEC has indexes for author, author affiliation, serial title, publisher and controlled terms.

Browse Indexes Box

From the Browse Indexes box (located on the right hand side of the Quick Search page) select the index you wish to use by clicking on its name.

Once the index is loaded, you can navigate by either selecting the first letter(s) of the term you wish to search for or by typing in the first few letters of the term in the SEARCH FOR box and clicking on "Find."

When you select a term from the index, it is automatically pasted into the first available search box. The SEARCH IN box will also be changed to the appropriate field. Deselecting the term from the index will remove it from the search form. 


If you select more than three terms, the fourth term will overwrite the term in the third search box.

If you would like to use more than three terms, use the Look-Up Indexes from the Inspec Expert Search or the Compendex Expert Search.

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