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Digital scholarship: Overview: Home

Digital Scholarship

We expand the capacity of researchers at Penn to create and share new kinds of scholarship.

Data Management and Planning

Organizing, storing, and keeping track of research materials and data is a growing area of concentration in the Digital Scholarship group.

Developing Methods, Projects, and Digital Humanities

From consultation to collaboration, we will work with you to make decisions about new methods and approaches.

Open Access & Publishing

Whether you want to make your previously published materials more discoverable or start your own publication, the Digital Scholarship Team is here to support you in your endeavors.

About the Digital Scholarship group

The department was formed in the Spring Semester of 2016, and is just getting underway with new initiatives and activities. We work closely with colleagues throughout the library, and will continue expanding and refining our goals over the coming year. For a preview of our planned activities, check out our goals.

The DS team includes seven full-time library staff members, student workers, and a connected network of collaborators in the library and around campus. Our primary activities are aimed to support new forms, media and methods through data curation and management, engaging with developing methods, digital humanities, and project-based work, and with new publishing models, especially open access publishing.

Examples of Digital Scholarship

Screenshot of Penn Museum foreign language toolkit in Omeka. Image features French archival material

MEAD logo from ScholarlyCommons

screenshot from Upenn Digital Scholarship: City Plans: Philadelphia

screenshot from Ur Online: Explore the Ancient City of Ur


Laurie Allen

Laurie Allen

Assistant Director for Digital Scholarship

Laurie likes Philadelphia and mapping and is happy to talk about any idea or project.

Sasha Renninger

Digital Humanities Specialist
Sasha specializes in web development, data management, and coding for the humanities, contact her for questions and advice about the digital components of your coursework and research.

Scott Enderle​

Digital Humanities Specialist
Scott specializes in statistical text analysis, machine learning, and data visualization. Contact him with questions about using new technologies and large collections of data for humanities research and teaching.



Deborah Bishov

Teaching and Research Technologies Librarian

Deborah specializes in mapping & GIS.  She also works with social science data and is the liaison librarian for Urban Studies. Contact her with questions about mapping and geospatial data.


Sarah specialized in author rights, publishing, and how/where to share scholarly work. She may also be contacted with questions on copyright, fair use, and for a consultation on adding materials to ScholarlyCommons.

Margaret Janz

Scholarly Communications and Data Curation Librarian
Margaret specializes in organizing, documenting, and saving data; contact her for questions about data management planning.

Kenny Whitebloom

Digital Scholarly Publishing Librarian

Kenny manages the operations of ScholarlyCommons, a repository for the scholarly output of researchers at Penn. He specializes in digital publishing and open access. Contact Kenny if you’re interested in contributing to ScholarlyCommons, or if you would like to find out more.

Learn about the Digital Scholarship Fellows


The Digital Scholarship Fellowship is a year-long collaborative program for undergraduates that integrates digital tools, theory, and methods. No prior experience is needed to apply--this fellowship is primarily a learning experience for enthusiastic and driven scholars. The eight students selected to become DS fellows will participate in biweekly workshops that run throughout the year, on topics such as web design; project and information management; data analysis; accessibility; and digital tools for text analysis. They will also work together to develop and build a digital scholarship project of their own.

At the end of the academic year, each fellow will have the opportunity to participate in a paid summer internship related to digital scholarship in the Philadelphia area.

Read more about the program