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Noldus Observer Software: Best practices


A print copy of the manual is available in H230F.  An online version of the manual and additional video tutorials are included with the software.

Recommended practices

H230F workstation or when using more than one computer

  • Bring your videos on removable hard drive.  Connect the drive before opening the program (allows the program to map path to files for future reference)
  • Save the project to the computer.  Before closing, save the project as a Backup to a removable drive.  If sharing the project with others, consider creating a Penn Box account in which to store and restore versions of the project.


  • Name observations so that multiple observations of the same footage can be grouped for interrater reliability (e.g. subject-date-coder initials).
  • Consider coding for one behavior at a time - this makes the key strokes easier to remember and you may be able to speed up the timing.  Note which behaviors that you've coded for each video.

Special note

  • Please acknowledge the Working Dog Center in any publications resulting from use of the software

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