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Penn Vet Metrics: Sample Graphics

About this Guide and Graphics

Use this guide to obtain sample graphics and links that explore research metrics for Penn Vet. 

This page shows graphics depicting research at Penn Vet.  Use the tabs to link to sites with detailed information and instructions on creating your own graphics.  For help with similar graphics illustrating research at Penn Vet, please contact Margy Lindem at the Vet Library,, 215-898-8895.

Comparison with other vet schools' RO1- funding -2010-3 NIH Reporter

Top 10 NIH R01-equivalent funded US Vet Schools 2010-2013.  These graphics are available as columns, bars or pie charts.

Penn Vet R01s by year: 2003-2013 - NIH Reporter

Penn Vet Topic Map 2013 - NIH Reporter

NIH Topic Map Penn Vet R01 Equivalents 2013 - NIH Concept Keyword

Penn Vet All NIH-funded research by funding mechanism 2010-2013 - NIH Reporter

Penn Vet Circles 2010-2013 - NIH Reporter

Penn Vet NIH R01-Equivalent Grants 2010-April 2013 - Circles

Fields in which we publish 2010-3 - Scopus

Shows areas in which Penn vet authors publish (by journal): e.g. Veterinary 29%, Medicine 20%, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology/Genetics 19%, etc.

fields in which Penn Vet publishes


With whom do we collaborate 2010-3 - Scopus

Affiliations of non-Penn authors on Penn publications, all pubs 2010-13

Affiliations of non-Penn authors (in journals classified as veterinary, agricultural, environment )

Affiliations of non-Penn authors (in journals classified  as other than veterinary, agricultural, environment)

test of sizable images

Altmetric sample