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Scan, Print, Copy: Print from your laptop

Print from own laptop/desktop

The Penn Libraries use Pharos' Uniprint software to manage printing to our public printers in all the Libraries. Patrons can download software to their Windows or Mac personal computers and once configured, can send print jobs to Library printers.

At this time there is no support for printing from iOS or Android mobile devices.

As of August 2014 the Libraries have upgraded the version of Uniprint software we are using and have reconfigured the service. All drivers previously downloaded and installed on personal computers should be deleted and new ones should be installed.

Windows drivers and installation instructions are available here.

Macintosh drivers and installation instructions are available here.

After installation of the printer software, you'll be able to send your jobs to the printer without repeating this setup process. The printers will remain on your computer until you delete them.