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Scan, Print, Copy: Print/Copy in Van Pelt

Location of Printing & Copying Stations in Van Pelt

Location Value Adding Station Change Machines Photocopies with PennCard Photocopies / Coin Operated PennCard Laser Computer Printing
Ground Floor: Rosengarten Reserve Yes $1 or $5 (gives quarters) Yes Yes (2) Yes
1st Floor: Reference yes $1 (gives dimes) Yes Yes (2) Yes
1st Floor: Periodicals No No Yes Yes (1) No
1st Floor: Weigle Information Commons No No Yes Yes (1) Yes
2nd Floor: Lippincott No No Yes Yes (1) Yes
3rd Floor East Yes $1 or $5 (dimes & nickels) Yes Yes (2) No
5th Floor West No No Yes Yes (1) Yes
5th Floor: Class of 1937 Lab No No No No Yes