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One Book One GSE 2021-2022 : Radical Equations / Robert P. Moses & Charles Cobb: Home

The One Book One GSE Project book and the Penn Libraries

This guide provides information about the second annual One Book One GSE book and its authors, including videostream author interviews and also book reviews in the popular press and in scholarly journals. It presents suggestions for finding print books (when you're on campus), ebooks (even when you're off campus), and scholarly journal articles on the One Book One GSE book's topic.

The PennKey required icon identifies Penn Libraries electronic resources - databases, e-books, e-journal articles, and more - that require PennKey authentication to access. For more information on PennKey and its use by the Penn Libraries, please consult our online guide, Using Electronic Resources : Access to Electronic Resources (On and Off Campus / EZproxy).

The book : Radical Equations

The author : Robert P. Moses

Book reviews : Radical Equations

Getting started in researching Radical Equations and educational equalization in math

Literature reviews

These articles will summarize the current state of research on a topic and will identify emerging research fronts. They typically offer long bibliographies, useful for identifying important or controversial articles and books.

Annotated Bibliographies

These articles describe books, book chapters, and articles that discuss a topic. The articles are arranged in topical sections, each section with a brief narrative introduction. Each book, book chapter, or article has a note that explains its inclusion in the annotated bibliography. Entries have links to Franklin Catalog, to Penntext, or to other available fulltext.

Finding books on Radical Equations and educational equalization in math

Franklin Catalog identifies books, journals, videos, and sound recordings - in print and electronic formats - available for you to read.

Penn Libraries books similar to Radical Equations.

How does that search work?

Franklin Catalog uses Library of Congress subject headings and subject heading subdivisions to describe books, videos, and audio recordings.

Several subject heading clusters describe the topics covered by Radical Equations:

Algebra Mathematical Ability
Arithmetic Mathematical Fluency
Geometry Mathematics

[You could substitute Engineering, Technology, and other terms if you wanted to explore other school-taught subjects.]

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Inclusive Education
Education, Urban Multicultural Education
Educational Equalization Study and Teaching


African Americans Minorities
Civil Rights Minority Students
Social Justice  


Combine these subject headings using OR for synonyms, gather the synonym groups within parentheses, and separate the synonym groups with AND.

And here's the resulting Franklin Catalog keyword expert search:

subject:(minorit* OR "african americans" OR "social justice" OR "civil rights") AND subject:(algebra OR mathematic* OR arithmetic OR geometry) AND subject:("study and teaching" OR "education urban" OR "inclusive education" OR "multicultural education" OR "educational equalization" OR "culturally relevant pedagogy")

Learning about the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement


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