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3D Printing at Education Commons: Free 3D models

Our Thanks

We thank the Biomedical Library for developing these online materials on 3D Printing.

Models to Download

Thingiverse - Makerbot's searchable design library community

3D Warehouse  - Sketchup's searchable design library

Instructables - 123D community 

Yeggi - search engine to find 3D models

Repables - 3D printing file repository

Smithsonian X3D - collection of 3D models of various artifacts from the Smithsonian Museums

NIH 3D Print Exchange - website for searching, browsing, downloading, and sharing biomedical 3D print files, modeling tutorials, and educational material

NASA 3D Resources - printable 3D models from NASA 

Infectious Pathogens and Protein domains - from the Chemistry Department at Lawrence University