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ARTH 180 : Queer Art

It is possible that your selected artist is not included in a book or exhibition catalog. Besides finding scholarship that places their artwork in context to larger art movements and practices - such as the subject headings linked on the Recommended Resources page - you will also use web resources.

1. Does the artist have website that includes news coverage and publications? For example, Sophia Wallace has a news portion of her website and includes press on her resume.

2. Search the website of galleries and museums where your artist has exhibited. For instance, Sophie Wallace had a solo show in 2016 at the  Catinca Tabacaru Gallery. They have images, a press release, and news coverage of the show.

3. What do you learn about the artist as a practitioner from these news sources? For example, a NBC article that mentions Sophia Wallace suggests she is a feminist artist. You might then search Franklin for "feminist art" or browse the subject heading Feminism and Art.