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Welcome to the Biotech Commons - Biomedical Graduate Studies:  


Welcome to the Holman Biotech Commons!  We are here to help you achieve success in your graduate studies and research activities. Please explore the videos below and contact us with any questions!

Databases for Scholarly Literature

Your Librarian Liasion


Consultation & Researcher Services
with Manuel de la Cruz Gutierrez and Kathleen Fox

Wednesday, Aug 12 | 4pm - 5pm [Event 3]

Manuel, Director of Data & Innovation Services, describes our Consultation service. He outlines some of the topics we can assist you with during our 1-on-1 consultations. During the live session, meet Kathleen Fox, the Resident Science Librarian, who can answer questions about the Holman Biotech Commons's consultation/researcher services. [3:08 sec video]

Fast Full-Text
with Margy Lindem

Wednesday, Aug 12 | 4pm - 5pm [Event 1]

Margy, Head of the Veterinary Libraries, describes our toolkit of options for efficient access to the full text of articles, books and databases.  Find the ones that fit best with your workflow.  ... [3:05 min video] 

Poster and 3D Printing Services
with Varvara (Barbara) Kountouzi

Wednesday, Aug 12 | 4pm - 5pm [Event 2]

Barbara, Head of Digital Media & Virtual Services, describes the Poster Printing and 3D Printing service at the Holman Biotech Commons. Poster printing is available for only $0.03 per square inch for paper or $0.06 per square inch for polyester fabric, which is foldable. Individual or group poster design consultations are available by appointment at no cost. 3D printing is available at no cost for academic, clinical, and research use. [1:56 sec video]

Information Desk Services
with Carlos Rodriguez

Wednesday, Aug 12 | 4pm - 5pm [Event 2]

Carlos, Head of Patron Services, describes some of the spaces & services in the Holman Biotech Commons.  Unfortunately, we won't be able to serve you in person this Fall since the 'physical library' will be closed, but you can reach out to us any time using the contact info on our Holman Biotech Commons homepage! [4:31 min video]

Events Program
with Aman Kaur

Wednesday, Aug 12 | 4pm - 5pm [Event 3]

Aman, Community Hlth & Engineering Librarian, describes some of the Events offered at the Holman Biotech Commons. [0:40 sec video]

Mobile Apps
with Frank Campbell

Wednesday, Aug 12 | 4pm - 5pm [Event 4]

Frank, liaison librarian to the Perelman School of Medicine, describes some of the health science mobile apps available. The Library purchases access so you may freely install on your mobile device. [2:14 min video]