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Kelly Writers House Fellows 2018: Bernadette Mayer March 26-27


  • Bernadette Mayers talks with Kate Schapira about the world of poetry and politics, experiments, exchanges, how to write and love. Read the transcribed 2 hour conversation here.
  • Check out this three part interview published by Coldfront: Stephanie Anderson interviews Bernadette about her editing of the landmark journal of poetry, her collaboration with Clark Coolidge, and the remarkable poem Mindwinter Day. 
  • Adam Fitzgerald interviews Mayer about her life and career, which Fitzgerald finds fascinating and obscure.

Learn more about Bernadette...

* dreams

* food

* finances

* writing ideas

* love

* ideas for architects

* city design ideas

* beautiful and/or ugly sights

* a history of one's own writing life, written daily

* reading/music/art, etc. encountered each day

* rooms

* elaborations on weather

* people one sees-description

* subway, bus, car or other trips (e.g., the same bus trip written about

every day)

* pleasures and/or pain

* life's everyday machinery: phones, stoves, computers, etc.

* answering machine messages

* round or rectangular things, other shapes

* color

* light

* daily changes, e.g., a journal of one's desk, table, etc.

* the body and its parts

* clocks/time-keeping

* tenant-landlord situations

* telephone calls (taped?)

* skies

* dangers

* mail

* sounds

* coincidences & connections

* times of solitude

Mayer on Penn Sound

Penn Soung - Center for programs in contemporary writing

Click here to listen to a PoemTalk Podcast featuring Bernadette Mayer recorded here at the University of Pennsylvania.


Bernadette Mayer is the Winner of the 2014 


She was selected by judges Ben Doller and Joan Larkin who praise her as "magnificent". Read more reasons here on why the judges selected Bernadette as the winner.

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Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts, US & Canada

Mayer was awarded a fellowship in 2015 at the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. She plans to use the Guggenheim funds to work on book length series of poems. 

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