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Kelly Writers House Fellows 2018: Paul Auster February 14-15

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Paul Auster

Photo of Paul Auster

February 14-15,  2018 

Reading in the Arts Cafe Wednesday 2/14: 6:30PM

Brunch in the Arts Cafe Thursday 2/15: 10:00AM


Paul Auster: "How I Became a Writer"


Watch and listen as Paul Auster brings you into his brownstone home in Brooklyn as describes the story of how he became a writer.

Radio: Paul Auster and the American

4321 book Cover art

Andrew Marr, from BBC Radio, talks to Paul Auster about his latest work: 4 3 2 1. This novel interlinks four versions of the hero's life with the monumental events of mid-twentieth century America.

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 Movie poster for "Smoke"

Writer and director of Smoke (1995), Paul Auster tells the story of a Brooklyn smoke shop that follows the stories and lives of multiple customers.


Movie poster for "Lulu on the Bridge"

Lulu on the Bridge (1998), a romantic-mystery drama film written and directed by Auster, follows a jazz saxophone player whose life is drastically altered after being shot. After finding a mysterious stone and falling in love, strange dreamlike events alter the happiness and life events of the protagonist. 

Poster for documentary "Act of God"

This documentary film, that Auster wrote and stars in, investigates the "metaphysical" effects of being struck by lightning. The film follows seven stories of personal experiences with lightening strikes. 

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