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Reaxys: Home

Access Reaxys

  • Reaxys can be accessed on-campus, without a username / password, as an anonymous user.
  • Use this link to go to the Reaxys Homepage
  • To use reaxys outside of campus, will need to login using your PennKey
  • Go to the Reaxys homepage using the link above, choose Sign in use your university affiliated sign in to create an account or sign into an existing account. 
  • Reaxys is free to use for University students and staff. 

Databases Covered

Reaxys is now an independent database, owned and updated by Elsevier. Originally Reaxys was created as an integrated chemical information database for:

Beilstein Organic Chemistry Reactions

  • From 1771 (abstracts from 1980) contains over 9.6 million organic compounds, many with property data, and over 10 million reactions. Includes pharmacology, toxicology and ecological chemistry data

Gmelin Inorganic Chemistry

  • From 1700s contains over 2.4 million inorganic and organometallic compounds, 1.8 million reactions and 1.2 million references covers information about analytical chemistry, atomic physics, ores, chemical technology, electrochemistry, geochemistry, history of chemistry, colloid chemistry, coordination chemistry, corrosion and passivity, crystallography, geology, metallography, metallurgy, mineralogy, non-ferrous metals, physical properties (crystallographic, mechanical, optical, magnetic, electrical), toxicity and hazards, economic and statistical data.

Patent Chemistry

  • Selected organic chemistry patent publications (1869 -1980) US, World and European patents from 1976 for Patent classes: Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Preparations, Biocides, Agrochemicals and Dyes

Reaxys still contains the information from the original databases, however any new information is added from Elsevier. Beilstein and Gmelin still exist but are no longer adding information to Reaxys.

link to most up to date numbers

Meet your librarian

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