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Reaxys: Using the Structure Editor

Using the Structure Editor

  •  Enter the structure editor using query builder, or create structure or reaction drawing
  • To begin click on the Periodic Table button  to choose the elements for your structure
  • Choose the structure editor, and draw the structure of interest.
  • Menu breakdown

 Zoom All

 Clean/ Start over

  Calculate stereo 

 View Settings

When you have finished drawing your structure, click on the Transfer Query button to transfer it into the main Reaxys search screen.

Create Structure template by name

Using the Search structure template by name tab at the top right of the page it is possible to search for common chemical substance.

Note- It is important to be specific, sugar will not find any results, but sucrose, or fructose will.

Searching by Similar

Searching for similar structures severely limits the other search options, 

Results listed by similarity