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Reaxys: Synthesis Planner

Manual Synthesis Planner

To begin search for the substance or reaction you are interested in using either text or structure searching when you have found the molecule you would like to synthesize 

  • Hover under the molecule and Synthesize option will appear, the options are Manual or Autoplan 

Manual Synthesis

  • If you choose Manual Synthesis, a pop-up box will offer the possible preparations for the synthesis
  • Scroll though to reach the preparation you are interested in
  • Once these are chosen a Synthesis plan will formulate
  • It is possible to go back further, to find how the molecules are prepared to create this synthesis

  • This will result in a synthesis plan which breaks down the steps necessary to form each substance
  • It is also possible to view more information on each substance by right clicking and choosing details


  • The Auto plan Synthesis allows the users to select; number of plans to create, maximum alternative branches, the maximum number of steps, to stop searching if the product is commercially available, and default reaction yeilds

  • The results will appear in separate plan pages for easy reading.

  • It is possible to export all of the plan or any individual part using, option, view details, and export for any individual step, or export all at the top of the page
  • Substances which are commercially available will appear with a small shopping cart near the bottom, instead of the synthesis option 
    • This shopping cart will link to verified chemical retailers
  • It is also possible to view more details on the preparation steps by clicking on the step number and choosing show conditions
  • This will also lead to articles on the preparation step which you have selected


Saving Synthesis Plans

Manual and Autoplan synthesis plans do not automatically save. 

  • These plans will not appear in recent history, although the substances which are the product of the reaction will appear in recent history
  • To save the plans, it is necessary to download them or to print out the processes. 
  • This can be accomplished by exporting to a PDF, Microsoft Word, Electronic Lab Notebook, or RD file 

Do Not Close the Webpage before checking the exported document, Reaxys does not always download the information correctly