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Reaxys: Combining Search Sets

Combining Search Sets

Combine two or more search sets through the History option in the Search menu.

  • History tab shows a list of all of the searches that you have performed in a given session
  • Drag and drop a set from the History tab into your search space, and select the operator that you wish to use to combine the sets. 
    • AND, OR, and NOT
    • To combine more than two sets and you use parentheses, group the two sets that you want to combine using parentheses by dragging and dropping one on top of the other.
    • For best results, try only to combine like searches (substances with substances, etc.)
    • Combining sets initiates a new search that simply searches for overlaps between two previously-defined search sets, it will not map search results to either of the previous queries.

Saving Searches

  • All searches are automatically saved to Recent history
  • To save any search for another session a Reaxys account is needed; log into you account, go to history, recent, choose save
  • Remember to save before exiting a session