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Critical Writing Program: Legal Rights for Nature: Research Tools

The book

Print and ebook versions of the required work.

Background Resources

These resources provide contextual information. Brief Encyclopedia articles will present the highlights, usually with short bibliographies listing significant or controversial works. Handbook chapters offer article-length treatments, usually with much longer bibliographies whose citations are discussed in the chapter narrative. Bibliographies and literature reviews are articles that focus on the published literature.

Scholarly Databases

These databases will help you find scholarly articles about your topic.

HINT! Try to search by building sets of synonyms linked together with "OR" (between synonyms) and "AND" (between sets of synonyms).

  • "rights of nature" OR "trees have standing"
  • (sovereignity OR "property rights" OR ownership)
  • (environment* OR natur*) AND (property OR ownership OR rights)

HINT! To discover the subject terms a database uses, try to find an article you already know and then view its abstract and indexing. Re-do your search with the subject terms for your article. Also, some articles and books are foundation works for their subjects, so try searching for phrases from their titles: "trees have standing".

Using Citations to Find Resources

You may already have citations of relevance to the text on which you are working. These resources will help you find an online or print version of the cited work.

Getting Physical Books

First, use Franklin to identify the book's library and call number.

Search Aids

Citations for case law and law review articles

Case law, or opinions for legal cases, and law review articles have a distinctive citation format, popular called Bluebook. To learn more about how to decipher Bluebook citation form, see these websites.

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