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Library Lounge Introduction for SAS Instructors: Home


Information Literacy Librarian

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Nicole Santiago

What is Library Lounge?

Library Lounge is a Canvas-integrated library instructional service that prepares students to to make strategic decisions about selecting, evaluating, citing, and producing published works. Our team works directly with faculty and librarians to deliver video tutorials and opportunities for personal exchange between librarians and students in their Canvas course site.

We offer...

  • A library of video tutorials that anyone can embed or direct students to 
  • Opportunity to create custom tutorials with a librarian 
  • Ways for librarians to have a sustained presence in your Canvas course
  • Technical support to get Library Lounge into your Canvas site 

For more information, contact

**Please note: for Fall 2020, all video production will be done remotely in accordance with team availability**

To preview Library Lounge and understand what your students' experience will be, please explore the slideshow below:

What is Library Lounge? text only
Canvas-mediated. Image of Library Lounge in a Canvas site
Online instruction. Image of an instruction video
Linking students to librarians. Image of a discussion thread between a student and librarian
And learning objects. Image of the Research Skills Trainer
Led by a team of librarians & OL specialists. Image of the Library Lounge team headshots
What can the Library Lounge team offer? text only
Scripting. Image of a storyboard template
Video production. Image of a video camera
Flexibility. Image of candy topping options
Planning. Image of a calendar
Common misconceptions. text only
“I have to do all the work.” text only
If requested, the Library Lounge team will do all the filming, editing, and captioning for you.  text only
“I’ll be cut off from my liaison community.” text only
The library subject liaison is a full partner in any Library Lounge collaboration. Nothing will be done without their input.  text only
“Everything must be generic.” text only
We create discipline-specific videos, from how to find theatre box office grosses to prepping for the NCLEX nursing exam. text only
“My script needs to be Coursera-level perfect.” text only
The Library Lounge team collaborates on scripting to meet best practices for video duration and ease of comprehension. text only
“No one will find the content I made.” text only
Library Lounge videos are posted in Canvas courses, usually as course-required content, and on the Library Tutorials directory. text only
“I’ll have to redo everything in a year.” text only
The Library Lounge team stores all project files to make our annual review process easier. text only
How do I request help from Library Lounge? text only
Quick request form. Image of the Library Lounge Video Request Form
Image credits: “Person sitting in front bookshelf” sammcghee on Unsplash, Food hacks from Samantha Okazaki for, “Black marker on notebook” esteejanssens on Unsplash