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Penn Librarians Teaching Institute

Fall Online Teaching Support for Librarians

We want to make sure that our librarians feel confident in teaching and provide students with seamless learning experiences and positive engagement with the Penn Libraries. If you are a librarian at Penn, we invite you to take part in our practice hours, our online teaching prep program, and our learning sessions throughout the fall. You can also always schedule a one-on-one consultation. Have questions? Contact Katie Rawson.

Practice Hours

Each Friday 1PM - 3PM, we will have online drop-in hours to get better acquainted with teaching technologies. You will be able to ask questions, have an expert to walk you through on your computer, and get hands-on experience before you try out specific technologies in the classroom. Support will be available for: 

  • Zoom for teaching (breakout rooms, whiteboards, managing while screen-sharing, polling)
  • Kaltura and video production
  • Canvas 
  • LibGuides, LibWizard
  • Google Docs for teaching
  • Other apps for whiteboards, polling/quizzes

Register here to get the Zoom link for the practice session. (You can do this anytime -- including at 2:45 on a Friday.)

Training and Seminar Sessions

We will have training sessions that go into depth, drawing from learning research as well as tested practices, in four areas pertinent to librarians teaching online. These sessions will be recorded.

Getting Students Engaged in Online Classes - Friday, September 4, 10AM  -  Slides - Recording

Making Connections and Community in Online Learning - Tuesday, October 6, 3PM - Slides

Supporting the Student Research Process in Online Classes - Tuesday November 10, 1PM - Register here. 

Information Literacy Framework and Online Learning - Monday, December 7, 1PM - Register here.


Additional training:

Kaltura MediaSpace and Capture Training - Friday, September 18, 11AM - Guide


Combining synchronous and asynchronous learning, this program will help librarians transform their in-person sessions into online sessions. Participants will go through a guided revision process with planning tools and get feedback through a facilitated peer discussion on Zoom.  Sign up here.

Book a Consultation

If you have any questions about any aspect of teaching online or want feedback on online instruction you are planning, feel free to contact Katie Rawson ( for a consultation.