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About Teaching, Research, and Learning Services

The Teaching, Research, and Learning (TRL) Services directorate is one of several directorates within The Penn Libraries. We and our colleagues across the library system seek to advance the academic mission by leveraging Penn Libraries' unique value: Experts in a dizzying array of fields and technologies, world-class collections, and stunning spaces. We intend to help shape the future of the university through collaboration, experimentation, and play, and we invite you to join us!


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Here's a snapshot of what we do in teaching and learning:

We coordinate TRL services across all library liaisons who connect directly to faculty, staff, and students in Penn schools and centers.

We centrally-administer Canvas, the campus learning management system with our colleagues across the university.

We teach workshops on a wide range of topics from "The Arc of a Digital Project" to "Creating Meaningful Infographics" and we can design custom workshops for your class if given enough notice.

We provide tech-enhanced teaching and learning spaces like the Collaborative Classroom, Weigle Information Commons and Education Commons where faculty, staff, and students can meet, work, and create.

We support the creation and sharing of new kinds of scholarship:

We help researchers develop practices and plans to organize, store, and keep track of their data.

We offer guidance on author publishing rights, copyright, and ways to use Penn Libraries' open access repository to publish new forms of scholarship.

We consult with you on scholarly digital projects and connect you to experts, platforms, and tools to help make your project successful -- whether in the classroom or out of it.

We believe in experimentation

At any moment in time we have a number of pilots and experiments running. If you are an early-adopter, a technophile, or someone who is amazed (like we are) at how quickly libraries are transforming, subscribe to our blogs to stay-up-to-date with the latest events: Penn TRL Blog  |   Penn Canvas Blog.