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Get started on your research!


Welcome to the Library Resource Liaison Site. Send in your questions or request an appointment with a library resource liaison. These specially trained Penn students will introduce you to the libraries, and connect you to its many services and resources. 

What we do

We would love to help you with:

  • Helping you with early steps in your research
  • Introducing you to the libraries and to the libraries' staff
  • Helping you format the bibliography for your papers and assignments
  • Guiding you through setting up a Zotero account (for collecting and formatting  footnotes and bibliographies in your research papers) 
  • Getting you to the book or  article your are trying to track down for your paper or presentation
  • Giving you a one on one tour around Van Pelt libraries or
  • Walking with you to a service on campus
  • Finding out a bit more at the LRL YouTube video

We look forward to working with you!

LRL Workshops

Workshop Series!

The Library Resource Liaisons offer a series of workshops to help people learn about the various resources that the library has to offer. We will be updating this page with more information about future Workshops!


Research 101

About: Learn about the research resources available to undergraduates at this short introductory workshop organized by the Library Resource Liaison progam. The Library Resource Liaisons are peer research assistants who can help you navigate the Penn Libraries, get in touch with a specialist, take advantage of services, and get started on your research. 

Citation Formatting

About: Explore the libraries' research tools especially those focused on citation and citation management. We will be talking about best practices in research, how to find journal articls, and how to easily cite sources with citation management tools like Zotero.

Research Scavenger Hunt

About: Explore the libraries' research tools with us in a exciting scavenger hunt game. We will be talking about best practices in research, how to obtain textbooks for free, and much more! Food will be provided!


Wellness Workshop

About: As busy Penn students, how can we alleviate mental health issues? How can we be good friends to those who are struggling? How can people get help, academically and psychologically? Come and learn! Food will be provided.


Library Resource Liaisons

Library Resource Liaison Hours

Spring 2020

Due to Corona Virus and the closing of Penn's campus, our Student Peer Research Assistants are not available, but your Librarians are! 

Find Your Personal Librarian

  • From Accounting to Veterinary Services, one of our subject specialists can tailor help to your particular focus.

Talk with a Librarian

  • Chat Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.
  • Video consultations by appointment.
  • Email us any time! We'll respond in 24 hours or less.

Find E-books, Streaming Video, and More


We can introduce and connect you to some of the amazing services you have through the libraries:

  • Get books and articles from other libraries (ILL, Borrow Direct, EZBorrow)
  • Check out cameras, recorders, iPads, and other media equipment for free!
  • Find the media lab stocked with graphic design and film making software
  • Film yourself giving a presentation in the Hechtman Studio 
  • Find the best study spaces
  • Take advantage of the libraries' personal and customized assistance 
  • Link to table of available software on library computers

Your Library Resource Liaisons are also available for appointments. Contact us directly at:

Test YOUR Research Skills

LRL Intro VIdeo

Getting your textbooks and required readings through Penn Libraries

This video is best viewed on a laptop (small screen) or click on the gear, select "quality" and choose the highest (1080p) HD output. 

Find out more about borrowing textbooks on the next tab