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Audience Response: Overview

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Examples from Penn


What are clickers/audience response systems?
Audience response systems (which we call "clickers") include 3 components;

The hardware: a handset and receiver
1. small handsets that students use to vote on a multiple-choice survey or quiz question projected in the classrooms
2. a small wireless receiver attached to the classroom computer to collect the responses sent from student handsets
3. software on the computer which displays the question and tabulates student responses, displaying a histogram of the responses when voting has finished.


This guide covers popular audience response systems currently in use at Penn:

There are also a number of other options available, including:

Web Resources

Voices from Researchers and Teachers

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The Weigle Information Commons has a set of 97 clickers available for borrowing in the Vitale Digital Media Lab, funded in part by the generosity of GAPSA.

For more details and to reserve clickers, visit our Equipment Lending page.