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Backup Plan: Tools for Cloud Storage and Backup: Overview

This guide accompanies the Backup Plan WICshop.

Why Create a Backup Plan?

We have all heard horror stories about the friend who spilled a cup of coffee on their laptop and lost everything. You can keep your documents safe by creating a backup plan. This guide will get you started exploring some of the options for saving your data in case of a disaster. It is divided into three sections: external hard drives for local backup; cloud storage services like Dropbox, Penn Box, and Google Drive; and data backup systems like CrashPlan, Time Machine, and Mozy.

photograph of a dead hard drive.

It happens to all of us. Prepare yourself now and avoid disaster later.

Backup Your Gmail

Gmvault not only creates local copies of all of your emails (or a selection of them if you choose), but it also allows you to restore your Gmail account at will.  The free program backs up your emails and will replicate all of your settings (folders, labels, etc.) and restore all of your emails, even if you move to a different Gmail account.

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