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Penn Health Tech Covid-19 Rapid Response Team - PPE production crowdsourcing: What you can do

With the incredible support of volunteers, the Face Shields team has gone beyond our goal of 10,000 face shields for UPHS by producing and delivering 15,628 face shields in just 3 weeks to 5 hospitals: Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Pennsylvania Hospital, Princeton Medical Center, and Chester County Hospital, supporting frontline healthcare workers with the PPE they need.

At this time we do not need any more 3D-printed parts.  We have decided to transition interested volunteers to help Project SHIELDS with logistics. They receive 3,500 injection molded parts each day and do not need any more 3D-printed parts. If you are interested in partaking in the continued efforts during this pandemic through supporting production of PPE, there will be the opportunity to work with Project SHIELDS in the coming weeks. Their mission is to provide underserved and marginalized communities with PPE, and they have already sent out 5,000 face shields to 60 organizations in over 8 states, with 75% of deliveries directed toward local communities thus far. Project SHIELDS needs volunteers to continue to grow and scale. If you are interested, please fill out this short Google form, and we will reach out soon with further instructions.

If you are looking to start a face-shield production effort at your institution, feel free to peruse our documentation

Thank you again for your tireless efforts!