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Complete Anatomy - 3D Anatomy Platform:  

Complete Anatomy is an interactive anatomy education platform bringing together human models, content, and cutting edge technology.  The program can be installed on your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, Windows 10 PC, or Mac computer.

Setting up your Account - Student

Access to Complete Anatomy requires that you download an app, create a personal account with your Penn email, and redeem a unique code associated with Penn's license. Instructions and the redemption code are available after authenticating with your PennKey.

Setting up your Account - Instructor

If you are a faculty member and require access to the Educator's App, please submit a request to or Melanie Cedrone.

Quick Start Navigation

  Touch Screens Desktop Mac Trackpad
Rotating Drag your finger across the screen. Hold down left-click and drag your cursor across the screen. Press down and drag with one finger.
Zooming Place two fingers close together on the screen and spread them apart. Pinch together to zoom out. Scroll to zoom your view in or out or use the plus and minus keys on your keyboard. Press down with two fingers and spread apart to zoom, or pinch in together to zoom out.
Panning Place two fingers on the screen and move them together in the same direction. Hold right click while dragging your mouse across the screen. Alternatively, hold shift while clicking and dragging across the screen. Press down with two fingers and drag together.
Selecting a structure To select a structure, tap or click on it. The infobox will open, containing information and tools on the selected structure. To deselect a structure, tap or click outside the model, or else on another structure to select it instead.


Complete Anatomy offers a number of video tutorials demonstrating how to use the product.

  • Using the Model - Navigating the Model | Selecting Grouped structures & clusters | Choosing you Model | Body Systems | Tabs | Search | AR | Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac | Undo Redo & Home
  • Infobox - Overview | Multiselect & Explode | Bone Parts, Surfaces & Landmarks | Muscle Origin & Insertion | Muscle Motion | Muscle Innervation | Arterial Supply | Origin Path
  • Tools - Pen | Labels | Textbox | Sketch | Cut & Dissect | Fracture | Growth | Spurs | Pain | Discover | Import | Clearing Tools | Cross-Sections
  • Library - Library Overview | Courses | Recordings | Library Options | Settings | Videos | Sharing with Groups | Taking a Quiz | Creating a Quiz | Saving Screens | Viewing Screens