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Data Management Case Studies

The Mandalorian's Face

The Mandalorians live by a strict set of customs and traditions. One of the key customs is to never remove your helmet in the presence of others. As we follow our Mandalorian, Din Djarin, on his adventures, many people he encounters ask about this custom and he confirms he takes it most seriously.

Then his ward, the young Grogu, is kidnapped. Din must infiltrate an Imperial refinery to use a computer terminal there to learn the coordinates of Grogu's capturer. After successfully getting into the building, however, Din discovers the terminal requires a facial scan to operate. He must remove his helmet in front of other standers by to get the information he needs to save Grogu.

Din is lucky, though. This security feature of a facial scan is not the more secure facial recognition scan that would, of course, not worked at all. This lapse in Imperial security works to Din's advantage and he is able to get the information he needs.

It's easy to skimp on security when the risks seems low. For the Empire, they probably never anticipated an unauthorized user would be able to get to the terminal in the first place. At Penn, many of our buildings require ID to enter, but don't assume that's enough to secure your data. Passwords and other protections may still be necessary.

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