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Russian Ukrainian Relations: Monographs

Finding Books

Books, ebooks, journals by journal title, newspapers, videos, sound recordings, and subscription databases can all be located using the Penn Libraries' catalog Franklin. Locating the title or resources you are looking for can be improved by using keywords, truncation, or Boolean operators (e.g., AND, OR, or NOT). Try searching by combining keywords (like below) that may appear in titles, notes, or subjects. Use quotes to search for exact phrases. For instance, searching foreign policy will retrieve results for foreign AND policy while "foreign policy" will retrieve results for that exact phrase. Truncation can be used to search for keyword derivatives by using an asterisk (*). For example, searching Ukrain* will retrieve results that include both Ukraine and Ukrainian

If you are unable to locate the specific title you were looking for in the catalog due to the fact that the Penn Libraries doesn't have a copy in its collections, we should be able to provide access within 3-5 days through Resource Sharing services such as BorrowDirect, E-ZBorrow, or Interlibrary Loan.

Sample keywords: Crimea ; Eurasia ; Europe, Eastern ; foreign relations ; history ; nationalism ; Perestroĭka ; post-communism ; Putin ; Russia ; Ukraine

Sample searches: Putin AND (Crimea OR Ukrain*) ; Russia* AND "foreign relations" AND Ukrain*; (Russia OR Soviet) AND Ukraine AND History

Ukrainian Russian Relations

Library of Congress Call Numbers

LOC Call Numbers are useful for browsing and locating books by subject within the Penn Libraries' stacks. For instance, if searching for a history of Ukraine, knowing that Ukraine History books are located in the DK508-508.5 range, one can go to that library location to more easily evaluate the varying titles.

DK1-949.5 History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics

DK36 - 293. History

DK265 - 265.95. Revolution, 1917-1921

DK266 - 292. Soviet Regime, 1918-1991

DK293. History - 1991-

DK508 - 508.5. Ukraine

DK510 - 651. Russia (Federation). Russia S.F.S.R.

JN1-9689 Political institutions and public administration (Europe)

JN6500-6598 Soviet Union. Russia. Former Soviet Republics

JN6630-6639 Russia (Federation)

JZ5-6530 International relations

History of Ukraine

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Book titles are categorized by subject using the standardized vocabulary LOC Subject Headings. Use these search terms within the catalog to see all of the titles cataloged with these subjects. For example, "Ukraine Conflict--2014".

European Union--Ukraine


Nationalism--Russia (Federation)

Russia--Civilization--Ukrainian influences

Russia--Foreign relations


Russia--History, Military

Russia (Federation)--Economic conditions--1991-

Russia (Federation)--Economic policy--1991-

Russia (Federation)--Foreign relations

Russia (Federation)--History--Revolution, 1917-1921

Russia (Federation)--History--1991-

Russia (Federation)--Politics and government--1991-

Self-determination, National--Ukraine

Soviet Union--Economic policy

Soviet Union--Foreign relations

Soviet Union--History

Soviet Union--Politics and government

Ukraine Conflict, 2014

Ukraine--History--Euromaidan Protests, 2013-2014



Ukraine--History--Orange Revolution, 2004

Church of St. Basil

Red Square, Moscow [ca. 1890-1906]. Image courtesy of the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

Post-Soviet Russia