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CLST 3109-401 Living and Dying in Ancient Athens: Home

A selection of Books on the material culture of Acient Greece and Athens

Search with formal subject headings and free terms

Formal Subject headings

When searching with subject headings in Franklin Catalog:

  • It is easiest to use the "subject heading keyword" search option
    • you don't need to know what the subject headings are.
    • Looking at the subject headings in either a catalog record or from a journal database helps you find good descriptive terms to use as you search for books and articles. 
  • Material culture -- Greece -- History -- To 1500
  • Landscape archaeology -- Greece
  • Social archaeology -- Greece
  • Pottery, Greek -- -- Greece -- Athens
  • Coins, Greek -- Greece -- Athens -- History
  • Food habits 
  • Drinking customs
  • manners and customs
  • Mediterranean Region -- Commerce.
    Mediterranean Region -- Social life and customs.

Freely constructed terms and phrases 

  • You can construct simple or complex searches using  the "keyword expert" search
    • complex keyword search: ("ancient athens" OR Greece OR Greek) AND "material culture"
      • animals AND ancient (greece OR greek)
    • simplekeyword search:  Greek statuary and women


Publishers and databases for discovery

We have searchable and comprehensive access to both

  • Archeopress 
    • Works best with simple searches.
      • In advanced search, choose the geographical reagion 
        • Greece, Aegean, Crete, Black sea
      • Add a term -- such as pottery, animal, coins... etc.  into the free text box. 
      • Search directly in Franklin may be more effective 
  • BAR Digital Collection (British Archaeology Reports) 
    • use search box in upper right hand corner 
    • you can type in or two words such as statuary female (even Kithara comes up) 
    • Look through "subjects" in the left hand column, and you'll find 
      • Mediterranean
      • Greece, Aegean, Crete, Black sea
      • Classical and Hellenistic
    • you can "truncate" using ? for one letter and * for multiple letters. 
      • Greek? = could be Greek or Greeks
      • statu* = could be statute, statue, statuary, statuesque

Searching for journal articles: 

  • L'Annee philologique 
    • Dedicated to the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern world 
    • Literature, language, history, art, and more 
    • Choosing "advanced search" allows you to limit the language of article results 
    • Most of our databases will give you a "penn text" link to connect to a journal article or other text, in this database look for SFX. It will be at the top of the record you are looking at. 
  • JSTOR Advanced Search
    • Choose journal categories:
      • Archaeology 
      • Classical Studies (only 74 journals -- compared to hundreds of journals and books covered in L'Anne philologique)
    • JSTOR is all fulltext -- if you find a journal article it should be available on the site
    • We do not have all JSTOR books
    • Proximity search: "word 1 word 2" ~maximum number of words separating the two words
      • "kylix sports"~20
    • ARSTOR (images) is now incorporated into JSTOR. 
      • After you do your search and see your results, scroll down along the left hand column. 
      • you'll see a box to check for "images" 
      • Try typing in the name of your object and then clicking on image. 
        • Kithara, kylix, tetradrachm, amphorae -- for instance bring up many images. 
  • Articles+
    • Choose scholarly and peer review from the left-hand facets
    • You may also want to view newspapers or magazines
    • start with a simple search: amphora* "ancient greek" and as you find interesting articles, look at "Quick look" to find
      • summaries
      • and descriptive terms 
    • working new terms that you run across nto your search will allow you to get more precisely to articles that may meet your needs
  • Google Scholar 
    • using this link to Google Scholar makes sure that your Penn credentials are recognized so that you can connect with articles and other resources to which we have subscriptions
    • If you go through this link (proxied for Penn), you'll see the "Penn Text" links to connect with actual argticles 
    • The beauty of Google Scholar is you can type exactly type a sentence exactly as you would say or think it.





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