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Juan Pablo Alperin-Simon Fraser University-Associate Professor

Nicola Alberto Valente-University of Cagliari- Assistant Professor and Chair (Periodontology)

Shahnaz Khademizadeh-Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz-Associate Professor

Lai Ma-University College Dublin-Assistant Professor

Camila Tussie-Harvard University- DMD Canidate

Dean Giustini-The University of British Columbia-Reference Librarian

Jason Stephens-The University of Auckland-Associate Professor

Mahmood Dashti-Private Practice- DDS

Paul MacLeod-University of Prince Edward Island

Jukka Rantasaari-University of Turku-Head of Library Services

Conrad Safranek-Yale University School of Medicine-Section for Biomedical Informatics and Data Science

Recent Publications

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Altaf Ali-Aligarh Muslim University-Department of Library & Information Science

Kassidy Hof-Mahoney - Florida State University - Open Science Librarian

Majid Nabavi - Assistant Professor - Shiraz University

Ellen Dubinsky-University of Arizona Libraries- Scholarly Communication Librarian

Bob Ives-University of Nevada Reno-Associate Professor

Dana Gerberi-Mayo Clinic-Librarian

Recent Publications

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A. Subaveerapandiyan-DMI St Eugene University-Chief Librarian

Rickard Enström-MacEwan University-Associate Professor and Chair (Department of Decision Sciences)

Candise Branum-Gonzaga University-Health Sciences Librarian

Dongdong Wang-University of Central Florida-Graduate Faculty Scholar

Lutishoor Salisbury-University of Arkansas Fayetteville-Distinguished Professor and Head of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Library

Mohammad Nazim-Aligarh Muslim University-Associate Professor

Hsinliang Chen-Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine-Chief Library Services Officer-Professor

Shipra Awasthi-Jawaharlal Nehru University-Assistant Librarian

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