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United Nations Publications: U.N. Collections at Penn

U.N. Collections at Penn

The Van Pelt Library has collected United Nations publications since the organization's beginnings. In Franklin, search by author or subject for "United Nations":

"United Nations" author search

"United Nations" subject search

A Franklin search will generally find United Nations documents and publications that were issued in paper format, but the largest part of the library's UN holdings is contained in microform collections published by the Readex company. Documents from 1946-1999 are requestable from LIBRA the library's remote storage facility: Microprint (1946-1981) and Microfiche 125 (1982-1999). Documents from 2000-present are available in the government documents filing cabinets in Van Pelt: Microfiche 125 (2000-present). To search individual documents within the microform collections, use the AccessUN index provided by Readex. In addition, the UN provides its own index for documents and publications, UNBISnet, which contains coverage for some documents not available in the Readex set.