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SOCI 1040 : Population and Society: Data Sources

This guide is intended to help students in SOCI 1040 (formerly SOCI 007) locate and use data on populations.

Materials from Library Session

Large Cross-National Databases

Datasets that include a wide variety of variables for all or most countries in the world.

Demographic Data

Datasets that include population size, population density, growth rates, age and sex structure, fertility rates, migration, contraception practices (including infanticide, abortion, sterilization, and the use of birth control technology)

Health Data - General

Datasets that include life expectancy, morbidity and mortality, crude death rate, age/sex-specific death rate, infant mortality rates, maternal mortality rates

Health Data - Prevalence of Disease

Socioeconomic Data

Datasets that include GDP, economic growth rates, inflation, productivity, percentage of women in the workforce, imports, exports, per capita income, labor force by industry, use of child labor, degree of urbanization, family and household structure.

Environmental Data

Datasets that include air and water quality, soil quality, management and erosion, deforestation, desertification, changes in biodiversity waste disposal practices and consequences, availability of critical resources.

Other Data Indexes

These sites provide indexing (for easier searchability) and full-text access to a wide range of data sets.

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