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Penn Libraries Student Employment Guidelines: Customer Service Tips

A four part strategy

Every interaction you have with a customer will usually have four pieces:


  1. Listen                 What do you need?  
  2. Reflect               Here’s what I heard you say
  3. Acknowledge    I can help with that  
  4. Act                      Here’s how I’ll help


Top Ten Good Customer Service Responses

1.      That must be very frustrating. How can I help you?

2.      I CAN tell you…

3.      Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

4.      I’d be happy to direct you to the people who can help you with that.

5.      That’s a good question. Let me find out the answer for you.

6.      If you run into any problems, please come back to me and I will help.

7.      Let me do it with you to see if we can solve the problem.

8.      I CAN…

9.      We seem to have a misunderstanding.

10.    I apologize.