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Penn Libraries Student Employment Guidelines: Let's practice

How would you handle this?

You work in Van Pelt Library at a service desk. A customer comes to you and says, “I need to copy the document I just created. Where can I get a flash drive?” Talk with your supervisor about the way to answer the customer's question choosing from these options:


A. You tell her where the bookstore is where she can purchase one.

B. You lend her one of your own and tell her to bring it back once she has bought one.

C. You go with her and show her how to temporarily save the document online so that she doesn’t need a drive to save it.

D. You tell her you don’t know, but she could come back and ask your co-worker when he gets back from lunch.

E. You tell her you don’t know.

A tough situation

Dee is a student worker in the Stacks. She has been on the job for two weeks. Today a customer asks Dee to find a book for him. They have looked at the correct area on the shelves and the to-be-shelved area. The customer becomes very angry. How should Dee react?

A. Shout back at the customer, he started it!
B. Leave her station; just walk away.
C. Request a supervisor’s help.
D. Apologize and tell the customer who to check with about getting a copy of the book.
E. Call security to remove the angry customer.

What would you do? What would you say?