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GRMN 027-301 Euro Zone Crisis – The EU in a Currency War for Survival?: Research Tips

course guide to support research project

Penntext, Digital Delivery, BorrowDirect and E-ZBorrow

  • Penntext—if the full text of the article isn’t in the database you are searching, click on the PennText icon to find the article online or go to the Franklin catalog record to locate the journal in print. Use “request digital delivery” to request scans of print articles or chapters or to request from another library

Hail Helvetia in the Economist catalog listing

click on "PennText" to determine how to access article:

Hail Helvetia PennText listing

Request options

  • BorrowDirect & E-ZBorrow allow you to request books from other Libraries among our partnerships. BorrowDirect is the Ivy+ Libraries and E-ZBorrow is the Pennsyvania+ libraries.

What to look for as you expand and refine your search

What to look for to refine or expand your search as needed:

  • wild card (or truncate) = *
    • When shortening a word, you can almost always use the asterisk as to signal.
    • For example, finan* could be finance, finances, or financial
  • Boolean: creating sets When typing more than one word, “and” is almost always assumed as intended between the words. Otherwise, type out your connecting terms:  OR, NOT, AND. To be on the safe side use capitals. This is sometimes required, but not always. However, it never hurts to capitalize.
  • Most databases allow you to add rows so that you can make a more complex search statement
    • Look for “add row” or  the “+” sign to add rows
  • Be careful when you use OR. It is best to use OR within one box. In the example below think of what is within the parenthesis as being in one box:  
    • (Greece OR Cyprus OR portugal) AND “European community” AND (debt or crisis) 

boolean diagram for search on (Greece OR Cyprus Or Portugal) AND (debt OR crisis) AND (European Commuinity)