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The Syrian Uprising, 2011-: Bibliography of the Uprising

A bibliography of works dealing with the uprising in Syria, starting in 2011 and continuing till today.


This guide is meant to be a research tool for the study of the uprising in Syria which began in 2011, and continues to this day. Despite the current nature of the events, much has already been written about the Syrian revolution. Too much for this guide to claim to be exhaustive. It consists of a bibliography of works about the Uprising, and another bibliography of essential works on the history and politics of modern Syria. All of the books in these two bibliographies are held by Penn Libraries, and can be found by searching Franklin. Also, there is a special bibliography of government and think tank publications. The works in this latter bibliography must be ordered through EZ Borrow, BorrowDirect or Inter-Library Loan. Only works in English and French are included.

A good text with which to start your research is David Lesch's Syria : the fall of the house of Assad. It provides good coverage of the issues which led to the Uprising, and the ever changing US and international policies toward the Syrian regime and the rebels. 

Bibliography of the Uprising

All links to the Franklin catalogue.

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