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Penn Libraries: Public Computer Labs: ELC

Computers, printers, laptops, software, scanning devices.

ELC Computers and Print Devices


Desktop computers


ELC offers 28 Windows desktop systems.  



Print and scan devices

 The library uses UniPrint pay-for-printing. To make use of the service, print as you would normally print from your home or office computer, give your job a name, and retrieve your print jobs from one of the two print stations. You will be able to swipe your PennCard/PennCash card, and then will be prompted to find your job by name and work station. Black and white printing costs $.07/page. Duplex and Color printing are also available. Duplex printing costs $ .10 per page for double side black and white pages using the duplex printers. Color printing is available and costs $0.28/page. Departmental users may use departmental photocopy cards, a specialized type of PennCash card.

We also provide a scannx bookscan device that include a flat bed scanner, touch screen, and a sheet feeding system open to the general public.