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Digital scholarship: Overview: JOBS

Jobs for summer 2018


Digital Humanities Assistant Developer (


The assistant developer will work with the Digital Scholarship team in the library to develop software solutions for University researched, students, and professors. This may include development of web interfaces/applications or modification of existing open source software to meet unique research needs. The developer should be able to work together with a team to produce creative solutions based on user stories.


Digital Humanities Web Publishing Intern (

The web development intern will work with the Digital Scholarship team in the library to aid university researchers, students, and professors to create web portals to their data and research projects.


Digital Humanities Graphic/Web Design Intern (

The design intern will work with the Digital Scholarship team to design and implement interfaces for team projects. This may include creating style templates in response to project owner design interviews, editing or redesigning general web application interface templates, creating data visualizations, and working with project developers to implement their designs


Judaica Digital Humanties Cairo Geniza Intern

English/Arabic Language  (

English/Hebrew Language (

Join the Digital Scholarship Department for a summer of fun and fascinating work! Come join our innovative and fast-paced project, "Scribes of the Cairo Geniza," as part of Judaica Digital Humanities at the Penn Libraries. The aim of "Scribes of the Cairo Geniza" is to sort and transcribe Cairo Geniza fragments.These fragments have long been too time consuming and difficult for scholars to catalog, let alone transcribe. Using the power of crowdsourcing and new technologies we are revolutionizing approaches to sorting and transcribing these premodern and medieval texts. However, we need your help! The two Geniza Interns will assist the Digital Scholarship Team on the Scribes of the Cairo Geniza project, in particular focusing on the Arabic and Hebrew language portions of the project. The applicants should be able to work both collaboratively and independently. The ideal candidate should also be a fast learner, comfortable with technology, a good problem solver, and have excellent writing and translation skills in Hebrew OR Arabic.


Digital Scholarship Marketing and Communications Student Assistant (

The Digital Scholarship Department is looking for a motivated individual to profile the department and communicate its activities throughout the school year. They will be instrumental in branding and marketing the team and the work they do.


GIS Mapping Intern (
The GIS/Mapping Intern would assist the Digital Scholarship Team on a wide variety of GIS related projects. The intern should be a fast learner, comfortable with technology and a good problem solver. They should also be able to work both collaboratively and independently.


Data Refuge Assistant (

Last year, volunteers around the country copied government datasets related to climate and the environment and uploaded them into the repository. Primary duties will be to:
-verify, correct, and improve descriptive information about the datasets,
-download, unzip, and re-upload uncompressed datasets and related files to records,
-assess quality of datasets, and
-identifying and troubleshoot problems with datasets including unusual file types and incomplete, inaccurate, or unusable data.


ScholarlyCommons Assistant (

ScholarlyCommons ( is Penn's institutional repository, a website that makes research produced by Penn faculty, staff, and students openly accessible to the world.