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Digital projects & methods: workshops




Digital Research Skills Workshop Series - Coming Back in Fall 2019!

This series includes:

  • Introduction to Command Line for Digital Research Projects
  • Introduction to Git and Github for Humanities and Social Science Research Projects
  • Topic Modeling with Lexis Nexis Data
  • Introduction to ArcGIS
  • Prepping for your Summer Research Project

The libraries also provide a number of workshops available as a calendar here.

We will also gladly offer on-demand workshops for Text Mining, Mapping, Digital Exhibits, and many other topics. Workshops we are offering or have offered in the past include:

Text Analysis

Workshops in this series will introduce participants to computational text analysis. These tools can help researchers discover new patterns of language use and thought, to visualize changes in those patterns over time and across spatial boundaries.

Digital Exhibits and Web Design

These workshops will demonstrate a variety of tools and methods for sharing your research and content on the web.


Our mapping workshops cover topics ranging from analysis with ArcGIS to Mapping your Data.

Data Management

These workshops explore methods for obtaining, preserving and working with your data.


Want to learn more about what we do? Check out these workshops that discuss all that the digital scholarship team has to offer.


In addition to workshops, Penn Libraries maintains a range of guides to help you get started with digital tools.