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Image at top shows a map of demographic data for Philadelphia

Mapping & GIS: GIS DAY

This is the LibGuide which contains tutorials on Mapping and Geographic Information Systems, as well as annotated links to useful sources for research and learning in GIS. Many of the tutorials are from past workshops. Please feel free to contact our mapp

Penn Libraries GIS Day

Join us at the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center for International Geographic Information System (GIS) Day 2022. 

Location: Goldstein Electronic Classroom (Room 114), Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center.

The event will include

November 14 -15: workshops, Register.

November 16, 1:00pm -5pm: hands-on demos, lightning talks, and presentations from across the campus GIS community. Currently underway.

Join us via zoom:

Meeting ID: 927 2140 3463
Passcode: gisday

  • 2:00pm - 2:40pm, Featuring a keynote address by Melanie Smith, Program Director, National Audubon Society, focusing on the issue of mapping bird migration titled "Harnessing the Power of GIS for Bird Conservation." Register for the keynote here.
    • Summary: Conservation of landscapes and wildlife populations is inherently spatial, putting GIS practitioners in a key role for informing planning and policy through data and maps. Melanie Smith is a geographer and wildlife ecologist who led the development of the recently released Bird Migration Explorer by the Audubon Society and nine leading organizations in ornithology, technology, and conservation. This new tool maps out the migration patterns, place-to-place connections, and conservation challenges for over 450 species across the Americas. Melanie will talk about building the Bird Migration Explorer, the variety of roles played by GIS specialists to produce this interactive digital product, and its applications for public engagement and bird conservation.
  • 2:41pm - 3:00pm, Immediately following the keynote, Prof. Kahtleen Brown will present a talk on "Making the Penn & Slavery Project Augmented Reality Campus Tour App."
  • So mark your calendars and join us for an enlightening few days celebrating all things GIS.

Full GIS DAY event program, November 16.


 Lynda Kellam, Head of Research Data Services, Research Data & Digital Scholarship, Penn Libraries, University of Pennsylvania

1:30 pm | Carrots & Sticks: Incentivization or Predation by Neighborhood Race and Class during Philadelphia's Federal Section 312 Implementation (1966-1969)
 Amara Rockar, Staff, Penn Libraries Business Office, University of Pennsylvania

1:50 pm |Perry World House's Global Climate Security Atlas (lightning talk)
 Anna Cabre, post-doc, Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Pennsylvania  

1:55 pm | Title X Rule Change: Access to Care Implications for Adolescents (lightning talk)
 Vicky Tam, Senior GIS analyst, Healthcare Analytics Unit (HAU) at PolicyLab and The Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness
 at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) 

2:00 pm | Keynote: Harnessing the Power of GIS for Bird Conservation
 Melanie Smith, Program Director, National Audubon Society

2:40 pm | Making the Penn & Slavery Project Augmented Reality Campus Tour App: guiding student work despite my own deficiencies of technical knowledge
 Kathleen M. Brown, David Boies Professor of History, Department of History, University of Pennsylvania

3:00 pm | Break 

3:10 pm | Mapping Gun Crime at Vacant Lots in Philadelphia
 Nissim Lebovits, Graduate Student, Weitzman School of Design/Master's of City Planning, University of Pennsylvania

3:30 pm | Exploring the Limits of Participatory GIS: Forests of Stories in Northern Thailand 
 Rebecca S Winkler, Graduate Student, School of Arts and Sciences / Anthropology, University of  Pennsylvania

3:50 pm | Tropical Cyclone Translation Speeds in a Changing Climate 
 Marybeth Melcher, Graduate Student, Department of Earth and Environmental Studies, University of Pennsylvania 

4:10 pm | Philadelphia For Some More Than Others: A Study on Illegal Dumping in Philadelphia, PA 
 Evan M Shreffler, Undergraduate Student, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania  

4:30 pm | Ancient Silk Route Mapping Visualization with R (lightning talk)
 Jajwalya Karajgikar, Applied Data Science Librarian, Research Data & Digital Scholarship, Penn Libraries, University of Pennsylvania

4:35 pm | Investigating the Hydrological Effects of Impermeable Surfaces on an Urban Watershed in Cobbs Creek, Philadelphia (lightning talk)
 David Joseph McCabe, Undergraduate Student, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania 

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