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Image at top shows a map of demographic data for Philadelphia

Mapping & GIS: 30DayMapChallenge

This is the LibGuide which contains tutorials on Mapping and Geographic Information Systems, as well as annotated links to useful sources for research and learning in GIS. Many of the tutorials are from past workshops. Please feel free to contact our mapp

Map Challenge

Participate in the #30DayMapChallenge on twitter!

During the month of November, map enthusiasts from all over the world join to take part in Topi Tjukanov's #30daymapchallenge where anyone interested is invited to create a map each day with the tools of their choice centered around that day’s theme posted each year at . Daily themes involve working with a specific type of vector data, colors, or feature type. If making one map a day is too much, you can still participate. Just pick the days or themes that interest you and make your maps. The goal here is to have fun mapping and expand your cartographic skills.

The November map challenge was launched by Tjukanov in 2019 where maps were made and shared on social media using the #30DayMapChallenge hashtag. This year's map challenge starting on November 1 has been announced with a theme for each day and we would like to invite everyone interested here at Penn to participate in the map challenge. 

To participate, just create a map and post it on twitter with the #30DayMapChallenge and send me a link to my email so that I can post it here.

For insights, you can browse past map challenge gallery of maps set up by David Friggens (@dakvid).

Happy mapping month!