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Unofficial Histories of the Colonial Caribbean: Home

Penn Library Catalog

The Penn Library Catalog is a searchable database of the books, newspapers, journals and electronic resources owned by the libraries.  It does not search for articles within those works--Articles+ can be used to discover that information.

Certain terms are set by the system as categories that specifically address the Caribbean.  Here are some examples:

Antilles, Lesser -- Description and travel -- Early works to 1800.
Natural history -- West Indies -- Early works to 1800.
Indians of the West Indies -- Early works to 1800.
Carib Indians -- Early works to 1800.
Apalachee Indians -- Early works to 1800.

Terms can also be combined to search across a range of topics related to the Caribbean.  For instance:

"West Indies" and ("Description and travel" or "18th century" or "early works" or sources)

pirates and "early works"

Electronic Resources


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