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Building an Omeka Exhibit at the Fisher Fine Arts Library: Omeka Basics

A guide for using Omeka and Neatline in the humanities

Top tip

** Always remember to save! **

Penn Libraries Omeka Guide

Overview and using Omeka by Laurie Allen, a Penn librarian. The "Getting Started with Omeka" tab is a good primer when you're first starting out:

Omeka Forum

The forum is a very good place to look to problem solve. Do make sure to pay attention to dates of the questions and responses or the version discussed. Omeka gets updated frequently and workarounds or remedies may no longer work for the version you're using.

YouTube basic tutorial for Omeka and Neatline

J.F. Leddy of the University of Windsor, Ontario

I found the Building a Neatline Map video to be incredibly useful when starting out. I'm more of a visual learner, so watching him go through each of the steps helped me understand exactly what I was meant to be doing. The Item Type Metadata video is also of potential use.


Omeka Gym

I found Omeka Gym to be a fun and pretty easy way to explore how someone with little digital humanities experience used Omeka. Their links and tutorials are very helpful when just getting started on this type of project.

Neatline Help for digital humanities

Neatline tutorial and troubleshooting that came out of a digital humanities workshop in 2016.

Neatline Tutorial for Historical Maps

I didn't end up using georectified maps, but I think this tutorial could be quite useful, if historical maps are to be used a basemap.