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The Art of Research Workshop Series: Workshops On-Demand

Art of Research: Workshops On-Demand

It's not easy given today's digital information landscape. If you’re involved in research, you have to make sure you're using verified, trusted sources of information. Learn how to research Penn Libraries’ millions of scholarly materials efficiently and effectively without sacrificing quality for convenience. Any of the topics below can be offered in-class or out-of-class in 20, 30, or 60-minute sessions! 

Credibility: Making the Judgment Call on Authoritative Sources

When crafting scholarly arguments, we look for authoritative sources while considering emerging or overlooked voices. How can we find middle ground? In this workshop, we will examine indicators of authority, learn techniques to spot misinformation, and identify potential for bias.

Strategic Searching: Finding Primary and Secondary Works

When faced with an overwhelming amount of resources, it can be hard to find relevant information. This workshop will help students understand the difference between primary and secondary sources and offer strategies for traversing the information landscape at Penn.

Evidence: Writing and Evaluating Arguments

We recognize that academic language can be dense. In this workshop, we transform scholarly arguments into visual representations of sources, claims, and the links that tie them together. Students will leave the workshop with a better understanding for unpacking scholarly arguments, and a model for crafting their own.

Accessibility: Understanding Barriers to Information

Penn has access to an immense amount of scholarship, but researchers still face an array of obstacles to information. In this workshop, students will learn about the transient nature of online information, the importance of metadata and discoverability, the nature of archival practices, and the exclusion of marginalized voices from the academy.

Citations: When and How to Cite

One of the most important aspects of contributing to the scholarly conversation is the acknowledgement of an idea's source. In this workshop, students will learn about ethical citation practices and take in tips for managing citations effectively.