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One Health Study


Funders want to be confident that you've done your research.  Do a thorough search of research that has already been funded to make sure that you're not replicating a previous study, especially from that funder.  Articles will acknowledge funding sources to give you an idea of foundations and government organizations interested in your topic.  Search the funding databases below to identify funders by topic and/or type of recipient.  Look through the funder's site and reports to increase your awareness of their funding priorities. 

The Social Entrepreneur's Playbook offers tips on structuring proposals. 



SPIN Plus through PennERA

SPIN Plus is a web-based system available through PennERA (Penn's Electronic Research Administration) portal. SPIN Plus includes three components:

  • SPIN Searchable funding opportunities database that includes national and international government and private (foundations, associations and corporations) funding sources.
  • GENIUS Global WWW network and database of investigator profiles of scientific and scholarly expertise.
  • SMARTS Investigator Funding Alert System which matches investigator profile information with SPIN. Matches occur on a daily basis, and opportunities are emailed to researchers.

To access SPIN Plus, go to PennERA and click on Logon to PennERA to authenticate using PennKey and password. Choose Find Funding from the top of page.

Other Funding Databases

Funding Agency Open Access Policies

Use these resources to find more information about the open access policies of individual funding agencies.

Funding Guides from Offices at Penn

Other Resources

Further resources to locate information on potential grants and requests for proposals.