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Records of Ante-bellum South Microfilm: Home

Records of Ante-bellum South Microfilm


Records of ante-bellum southern plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War [microform]/ general editor, Kenneth M. Stampp; associate editors, Randolph Boehm and Martin Schipper. Frederick, Md.: University Publications of America, 1985-present.



1213 microfilm reels in 14 series (through Series M). Accession in progress: set is incomplete.



"An ample selection of the most important" manuscript plantation records, including business records, account books, slave lists, overseers' reports, diaries, and private letters, held by state archives and university and historical society libraries located in the American South. The set consists mostly of records for larger tobacco, cotton, sugar, and rice plantations operating throughout the South between the War of 1812 and the Civil War; however, "a special effort is being made to offer the rarer records of the smaller slaveholders and to include the equally rare records of the plantations in the last quarter of the eighteenth century".

Plantation records dating after 1865, for the greater part, have been omitted, as UPA plans a companion series, Records of southern plantations from 1866 to 1920. The printed guides accompanying each series indicate omitted records.



The set is arranged in 14 series, each series being documents from a single repository or several repositories.

  • Series A. South Caroliniana Library (University of South Carolina)
    • Part 1: The Papers of James Henry Hammond, 1795-1865
    • Part 2: Miscellaneous Collections
  • Series B. South Carolina Historical Society
  • Series C. Library of Congress
    • Part 1: Virginia
    • Part 2: Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina
  • Series D. Maryland Historical Society
  • Series E. University of Virginia Library
    • Parts 1-3: Virginia Plantations
  • Series F. Duke University Library
    • Part 1: The Deep South
    • Part 2: South Carolina and Georgia
    • Part 3: North Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia
  • Series G. Barker Texas History Center (University of Texas at Austin)
    • Part 1: Texas and Louisiana Collections
    • Part 2: William Massie Collection
  • Series H. Howard-Tilton Library; Tulane University; Louisiana State Museum
  • Series I. Louisiana State University
    • Part 1: Louisiana Sugar Plantations
    • Part 2: Louisiana and Miscellaneous Southern Cotton Plantations
    • Part 3: The Natchez Area
  • Series J. Southern Historical Collection (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
    • Part 1: The Cameron Family Papers
    • Part 2: The Pettigrew Family Papers
    • Part 3: South Carolina
    • Part 4: Georgia and Florida
    • Part 5: Louisiana
    • Part 6: Mississippi and Arkansas
    • Part 7: Alabama
    • Part 8: Tennessee and Kentucky
    • Part 9: Virginia
    • Part 10: Hubard Family Papers
    • Part 11: Hairston and Wilson Families
    • Part 12: Tidewater and Coastal Plains North Carolina
    • Part 13: Piedmont North Carolina
    • Part 14: Western North Carolina
  • Series K. Colonial Williamsburg Foundation; Shirley Plantation Collection
  • Series L. Earl Gregg Swem Library, College of William and Mary
    • Part 1: Carter Papers, 1667-1862
    • Part 2: Jerdone Family Papers, 1736-1918
    • Part 3: Skipwith Family Papers, 1760-1977
    • Part 4: Austin-Twyman Papers, 1765-1865 and Charles Brown Papers, 1792-1888
  • Series M. Virginia Historical Society
    • Part 1: Tayloe Family (1650-1970)
    • Part 2: Virginia's Northern Neck; also Maryland
    • Part 3: Other Tidewater Virginia
    • Part 4: Central Piedmont Virginia
    • Part 5: Southside Virginia

Within each series, arrangement of individual collections does not seem to follow any consistent ordering. The accompanying printed guides or Franklin cataloging records must be used to identify and locate collections.



A guide to the microfilm edition of Records of ante-bellum southern plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War.
[Van Pelt Microforms: Microfilm 3880 Guide]]
This multivolume guide is arranged by series and, for multipart series, by part. Each volume consists of introductory text, tables of contents listing collections included in the series or part and a reel index providing detailed contents and omissions information for each collection.


UPA Catalog: Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War.
[UPA Catalog via Penn Library Web: UPA Catalog: Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War]
Brief text indicating series contents.


Individual collections reproduced in this set are listed in Franklin. In addition, edited, facsimile, or reprint editions in the library's general or special collections will be listed in FRANKLIN and/or the main card catalog.



American women's diaries: southern women.
[Van Pelt Microforms: Microfilm 3722]
Confederate imprints, 1861-1865
[Van Pelt Microforms: Microfilm 3517]
Southern women and their families in the 19th century: papers and diaries.
[Van Pelt Microforms: Microfilm 3944]



Van Pelt Microforms: Microfilm 3880.

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