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Datastream in Excel: Datastream Codes (Mnemonics)

This guide explains how to set up a search query for static or time series requests in Datastream

Selecting Codes in Datastream

Datastream uses a unique set of codes (or mnemonics). These mnemonics must be used when requesting data in Datastream.  There are several ways to find or input mnemonics into Datastream:  If you know the mnemonics you want to use, type them into the series box, separated by commas.  Or, search by Catagory, such as Equities or Commodities. You can also create or use an existing List


Search by Market Category

To find the mnemonics, click the Find Series button to open Datastream Navigator

image of button to click for Find Series

Click the Choose a single category link to view the list of category options and all available codes in categories such as  Commodities, Equitites or Interest Rates.

Picture showing Single Categories for a Datastream Mnemonic Search

Once a category is selected, you can then refine your search by selecting filters such as exchange, market, status and more.

Picture showing how to refine a category search in Datastream

Use the search bar to search for equities (or any other category) by name or keyword.  You can search for companies by name, ticker, sedol number, IMF code or other unique identifiers.  A company may be listed more than once if it is traded on multiple exchanges.  Datastream adds identifying tags to a base code (usually the ticker symbol for equities) which identify the market or the exchange e.g. @ for Nasdaq.   The mnemonic for Apple would be @AAPL.

To filter your search by specific criteria, use the  Explore tool to drill down through Category - Country - Sector and pull a list of codes or companies that match your criteria.  You can add keywords to further refine the search.

Picture of using Explore tool in Datastream to retrieve mnemonics




Select items by clicking the box next to the item and then click Use. Click on Select All to use all of the retrieved codes.  


Create and Save Local Lists

You can also create custom Local Lists in Datastream, which you can save, edit, and update as needed. To create a Local List, click the List Wizard button in Excel. 

Icon for creating or selecting lists in Datastream


List Wizard window will open. Select Create a new List to create a list or Edit an existing List to edit a list, then click NextIf you know the Datastream codes for what you want to add to your list, click the check box next to Expert Entry to type in the codes. If not, select a Data Category - equities, commodities, etc. for the type of data you want to add to your list, then click the Find Series button to find codes. 

Use the Datastream Navigator window to search for equities, commodities, indices, etc. of interest. Click the check box next to each result of interest, then click My Selections in the upper-right corner and click Return All Selections to add those codes to your list.

It is also possible to create a list by selecting a range of cells in excel.  

Next, select the data category of the data you've added to your list. Sort your list if necessary and add a List Description, then click Next.

Name your list - the filename must end with .LLT - and select a Save Option, then click Finish to save your list.

To use your list in a Static Request or Time Series Request, click the List Picker button in the Series Request Window and select your list in the left column of the Local Lists tab. The constituents of the list will be displayed in the right column.



Click Okay to add the list to your Series Request. Fill out the other Series Request criteria, then click Submit to run your request.

Constituent Lists

Datastream provides pre-formatted lists of codes for the constituents of different groups like indices or all equities from a given country. Use a Constituent List to set up a search request for a large number of codes without having to search for each code. 

To find a Constituent List, open Excel and click the Datastream tab. Click Static Request or Time Series Request, then click the Find Series button.


Search the name of an index or exchange in the search bar, or click the Choose a single category link and click Constituent Lists to browse through all available lists.To pull a list of all equities, commodities, etc. for a specific country, click the Explore button. In the Exploring window, click a category, a country, then click the check box next to each sector of interest. Click Show # Selected Explorers to pull all results that meet your criteria.

To add these codes to your request, click the check box next to each list or result of interest, then click My Selections in the upper-right corner and click Return All Selections.